Volvo Series Diesel Generator

Diesel Generators

Volvo Penta is a world-leading supplier of engines and complete power systems for marine and industrial applications. Being a specialist company within the Volvo Group gives the flexibility of a small organization together with the technical and financial support needed to constantly Pioneer new developments.

Generator ModelDiesel EngineNumber of CylinderAlternatorPrime (kVA / kW) Standby (kVA / kW) 
ARK-V 110TAD531GE4PRO22SD/ 41008011088
ARK-V 145TAD532GE4PRO22ME/ 4130104145116
ARK-V 170TAD731GE6PRO22MF/ 4155124170136
ARK-V 200TAD732GE6PRO28SA/ 4180144200160
ARK-V 220TAD733GE6PRO28SB/ 4200160220176
ARK-V 275TAD734GE6PRO28SD/ 4250200275220
ARK-V 335TAD1341GE6PRO28ME /4301241335268
ARK-V 350TAD1341GE6PRO28ME/ 4320256350280
ARK-V 375TAD1342GE6PRO28MF/ 4350280375300
ARK-V 420TAD1343GE6PRO28LG/ 4380304417333
ARK-V 450TAD1344GE6PRO28LG/ 4410328450360
ARK-V 500TAD1345GE6PRO35SB/ 4450360500400
ARK-V 560TAD1641GE6PRO35SC/ 4500400560448
ARK-V 660TAD1642GE6PRO35ME/ 4600480660528
ARK-V 710TWD1643GE6PRO35MF/ 4640512710568
ARK V 770TWD1645GE6PRO35MG/4700560770616
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