SDEC Series Diesel Generator

Diesel Generators

SDEC manufactures 50-1010kVA diesel engines with new technology and successfully competes with European and American brands.

Generator ModelDiesel EngineNumber of CylinderAlternatorPrime (kVA / kW) Standby (kVA / kW) 
ARK-S 66SC4H80D24PRO18LG/ 460486652.8
ARK-S 80SC4H95D24PRO22SB/ 470567761.6
ARK-S 100SC4H115D24PRO22SC/ 48870.49777.6
ARK-S 115SC4H160D24PRO22SD/ 41008011592
ARK-S 135SC4H160D24PRO22ME/ 412196.8135108
ARK-S 155SC4H180D24PRO22MF/ 4139111.2153122.4
ARK-S 170SC7H230D26PRO22MF/ 4154123.2170136
ARK-S 200SC7H230D26PRO28SA/ 4177141.6196156.8
ARK-S 235SC9D280D6PRO28SC/ 4213170.4235188
ARK-S 265SC9D310D26PRO28SC/4242193.6265212
ARK-S 300SC9D340D026PRO28SD/ 4264211.2290232
ARK S 340SC10E400D26PRO28ME/4310248340272
ARK-S 360SC13G420D26PRO28ME/ 4328262.4360288
ARK- S400SC12E460D26PRO28LG /4360288400320
ARK-S 440SC15G500D26PRO28LG/ 4400320440352
ARK-S 530SC25G610D212 VPRO35SC/4480384528422
ARK-S 550SC25G610D212 VPRO35SC/ 4500400550440
ARK-S 600SC25G690D212 VPRO35SD/ 4545436599.6479.6
ARK-S 660SC27G755D212 VPRO35ME/ 4600480660528
ARK-S 725SC27G830D212 VPRO35MF/ 4650520715572
ARK-S 800SC27G900D212 VPRO35MG/ 4718575790632
ARK-S 865SC33W990D26PRO35LH/ 4784627.2862689.6
ARK-S 1010SC33W1150D26PRO40SB/ 49207361012809
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