Mitsubishi Series Diesel Generator

Diesel Generators

Mitsubishi Corporation is a global integrated business enterprise that develops and operates businesses across virtually every industry including industrial finance, energy, metals, machinery, chemicals, living essentials, and environmental business.

Generator ModelDiesel EngineNumber of CylinderAlternatorPrime (kVA / kW) Standby (kVA / kW) 
ARK-M 8L3E 61SD-NP23E1X13S C/
ARK-M 12S3L2 61SD-NP23E1X13M E/410.58.411.49.2
ARK-M 16S4L2 61SD-NP24E1X13M F/414.511.615.912.7
ARK-M 25S4Q2 61SD4PRO18S A/42217.624.419.5
ARK-M 35S4S 61SD4PRO18S C/4302434.327.4
ARK-M 46S4S DT61SD4PRO18M E/440.732.545.636.5
ARK-M 1450S12R-PTA12PI 734B1300104014131130
ARK-M 1550S12R-PTA212PI 734B1387111015261220
ARK-M 1670S12R-PTAA212PI 734C1500120016501320
ARK-M 1700S12R-F1PTAW212PI 734C1546123717011361
ARK-M 1900S16R-PTA16PI 734E1716137318881510
ARK-M 2100S16R-PTA216PI 734E1880150320661653
ARK-M 2250S16R-PTAA216PI 734F2015161222501800
ARK-M 2300S16R-PTAW216PI 734F2015161222761820
ARK-M 2500S16R2-PTAW216LVSI 804 R2272181825012000
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