Briggs & Stratton Gasoline Generator Sets

Gasoline Generator Sets

Briggs & Stratton is an American industrial company primarily involved in engineering, developing and manufacturing internal combustion reciprocating gas engines. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of air cooled gasoline engines primarily for outdoor power equipment.

Jeneratör ModeliJeneratör TipiNominal AC GücüMaximum AC GücüMotorMarş Sistemi
JD 3500Tek - Fazlı2,5 kw2,8 kwBriggs & StrattonManüel - İpli
JD3500EBTek Fazlı2,5 kw2,8 kVABriggs & StrattonElektrik Marşlı
JD 5500Tek - Fazlı4 kw4,5 kwBriggs & StrattonManüel - İpli
JD 8500EBWHTek - Fazlı6 kw6,5 kwBriggs & StrattonElektrik marşlı
JD 8500 EBWH-TÜç - Fazlı7,5 kWA8 kWABriggs & StrattonElektrik marşlı
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